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February 14, 2018

Most reptiles are inexpensive. Some are downright cheap. This is why many reptile owners are unwilling to spend the money necessary to properly house and feed their reptiles, or provide them with the veterinary care they require. Comments such as “I’m not spending $50 for a light and fixture!”; “Why spend any money at the vet? It’s just a $10 turtle – if it dies, it dies!”; “I’m just a teenager. I don’t have that kind of money”; and, “It’s my kid’s responsibility, not mine” are too often heard by those of us doing reptile rescue and education.

As with other pets, the cost of a reptile is usually the least expensive part of keeping one. The initial outlay includes an enclosure, special heating and lighting, substrate, essential furnishings, food and...

February 6, 2018

Win tickets to see PINK / March 5 / Tulsa, OK

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